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Why R? is a nationwide conference of enthusiasts of the R statistical package, both from business and the academic community.

This is a unique opportunity to enlarge the knowledge of R, improve the ability to process and analyse data and to broaden contacts in the Polish R environment.

The largest Polish groups of R. enthusiasts are involved in organizing the event.

Dslab WNE UW on whyr? 2019

In 2019 year at the WhyR conference? DSLab WNE UW delivered 3 instances, which were successively: Shiny Application for algorithmic trading, The Impact of Federal Open Market Comite minutes on financial markets I Features of districts of Warsaw visible from space, as well as workshops with Speeding up R with C++ (Rcpp) – From basics to more advanced applications.

Our occurrences on WhyR? 2019

Shiny Application for Algorithmic trading

The aim of This presentations is to show Shiny application that can be applied to backtest selected algorithmic strategies applied on historical quotations of S & P 500 stocks. Uploading own data with is also possible.

The impact of Federal Open Market Comitee minutes on financial markets

The aim of this presentation is to explain the idea of event arbitrage strategy, the process of extracting news sentiment which is then used as an explanatory variable in the Modelling Process and present a practical workshop based on Federal Open Market Commitee Minutes with the comparison of different machine learning algorithms.

Features of districts of Warsaw visible from space

The aim of this presentation is to explain the idea of meaningful features extraction from images with the use of convolutional neural networks and transfer learning and show a practical example based on the districts of Warsaw.

Speeding up R wih C++ (Rcpp)-From basics to more advanced applications

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