Shiny application for online exams

Written by Korneliusz Krysiak


Aim of the project

The main goal of this project is to create an application for conducting online exams consisting of closed questions. For each question (which may contain R code and / or tables, graphics) possible answers will be defined.

The application should have the following functionalities:


  • Ability to define a test
  • Ability to define a question and the answers assigned to it (any number)
  • Ability to define scoring for each response (natural number)
  • possibility to shuffle the order of answers randomly and block the position of some replies (e.g. the last for “none of the above”, etc.)
  • Ability to assign questions to subgroups,
  • Possibility of random selection of questions under a larger pool test (including subgroups)
  • Ability to define test duration
  • Ability to navigate freely after the test during execution
  • Possibility to send an email personalized link to a specific test
  • Optional option to show questions, answers and correct answers to the end of the test
  • Optional possibility to define the duration of the test
  • Possibility of sending short information to the student after the test and to selected other email addresses
  • The possibility to define a group of exams (e.g. all courses for a given vintage or all optional courses for a given vintage)
  • Possibility to define three types of users: administrator, creator(test and questions) and student
  • the ability to generate reports at the level of: student, test or group of tests containing statistics on the number of tests carried out so far, the number of approaches (corrections), statistics on the results obtained and individual questions (how many times asked, how many times correct / incorrect answers, etc.)
  • the ability to securely log in to the application by individual users
  • Administrator should be able to add / remove tests (exams), add / remove questions, define groups of questions and their characteristics (the number of randomized questions from a larger pool / group, define whether the order of answers should be random) add users, define the user type, define test groups , defining reports for all tests, access rights to reports from all tests and test groups, sending personalized test invitations, etc.
  • The creator should be able to add / remove defined selected tests (exams), add / remove questions to selected tests, access reports on selected tests
  • The student should be able to log into the application on their account or perform a test based on the personalized link sent (only once for each link, the correct one would require generating a new link)

The main goal of this project is to create an application for conducting online exams consisting of closed questions.

Project supervisors

Korneliusz Krysiak

Michał Szałański

Hubert Śmieciuch

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